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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yayy we survived!!

 Last day of school was yesterday- I have to say that these photos were taken a few weeks ago - LOOK the grass is GREEN.

 Anyway - as usual, it rained yesterday! 
The pupils were allowed to go home at 12 and we stayed to say good bye to staff that were leaving.

 A few of us went out last week to say good bye to this lovely lady.

 Our Food tec teacher, who is retiering ( if I could look that good now!!)

 It was a great night, goods food and good company :)

 My dear sweet work colleagues taking the P*** out of me!!
 Last week Derek and I also popped out to Felixstowe for a walk along the front. Although all the children perfered the slot machines - Dan managed to win a couple of bit of tat :) -He was happy.

 Meg allowed to to photograph her as long as I dont put the pics on F book or tag her.
She has no idea hoiw beautiful she is!
 Dan, Dex and Meg - just before we went shopping .

Nats doen't DO much walking and was already seated - bless :)

Now just got to survive the holidays!!
I don't have too much planned - already tired :)

Hubby popped into work to see me last week and took this photo on his phone - I usually hate pics of me, but this one is not too bad - You can tell yr 10's were on work experience as I look calm and happy ;)
Love Soojay xx

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fatmonica said...

Great set of photos.Everyone looks happy and enjoying themselves-just as it should be!