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Friday, October 09, 2015

Friday smiles

Missed the last two Fridays :( 
I have had stuff to smile about - just been so busy! 
Last Friday I went to the Globe theater straight after work to see "measure for measure" , we got back at 2am and by then I was full of cold. Its well on the way out now thank goodness.

Today my baby boy is 22. I love him to bits. He is such a sweetie. This photo was taken earlier in the year, the facial hair has gone now. He asks for very little and when he is not doing voluntary work or winding up his sisters, is a joy to have around.

Have a great Week.
if you would like to join in with the smiles, pop over to Annies Blog for the info.

Love Soojay xx


Annie said...

Friday is my second favourite F word first being Fabric of course ;-)
I've spent my day realising a have a serious problem....I have way too much Fabric to ever use in one lifetime but can't throw any away :-)
Fab photo of your 'little' boy. I have one of those who I'm also very proud of and has a birthday this month too :-) Aren't we blessed?
Have a great week.
Annie x

JoZart Quilts said...

F FFFfffflipping 'eck you got me there. My fave F work is like Annie..... Fab Fabric!
Lovely to see your fab son too, they are men too quickly!
Jo x

Lynn Holland said...

Flippin Fabulous Fella your Fantastic boy Soojay
Have a great weekend
Lynn x

Barb said...

Hope your cold is better. I went to see King Lear in Stratford Upon Avon some years ago and shamefully have to admit I didn't stay till the end. I found it really heavy.

What a handsome young man your son is. He sounds like a lovely man. Thanks for the hugs. Our son was in 1991 so a similar time.

I've been using my gelli plate prints since being inspired by you.

Have a happy week. Barbxx

Hettie said...

Flippittyflipflop!!! Haa Haa! My first has to be Fabric or my Fur Baby!! My boss' rhymes with duck!!
Haa Haa
Happy F F F Friday!!

mamapez5 said...

I'm not a fabric person so it's Flowers for me. Happy Birthday to your lad. Mine will be 32 next week. As Jo says, They grow up to be men too fast. Kate x

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Soojay,
Yikes, I made a mistake. The flower shown is NOT my peony.... I think it is a hibuscus as several commenters mentioned. Oh well.

I love Fridays too. I get every other one off from work so it's so nice when that day rolls around.

Happy birthday to your son!


Patsy Paterno said...

My only son is 20 years old! Can't believe where the years went! But he's a good boy too! Thank God! Patsy

Twiglet said...

Do you watch the program about sea fishing called "The Catch" - they have a favourite F word - well it's almost the only word they use to be honest. I like yours much better - and of course F for FABRIC FUN!

Angela Radford said...

Love the photo, he looks like a real sweetie.
Have a great weekend and happy crafting x

CraftygasheadZo said...

Lovely post. My favourite F word has to be football!! Take care Zo xx