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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Late - Friday Smiles

I promise I WAS smiling Yesterday as we have finally come to half term. I didn't get home until almost 10pm though as we had a music evening , which was WONDERFUL. We have such talented pupils.
So it is now Saturday morning and I managed to get a lay in ( Yayyy) .
I do have loads to do and catch up on - New bathroom installed on Monday.  Gp and dentist appointments ( all boring) . Clearing the garden ready for spring ( I don't do winter gardening :) ). And......... the long awaited ATDML retreat next Friday ...Heaven .

Annie answered some questions and suggested that we also do the same . So here you go:

TIME: 9.50 am Saturday morning.
LOCATION:  I'm sat at my PC in my craft/dining room.
FEELING: Relaxed and stress free as I am on the first day of half term. ( It won't last as I am sure the bathroom being out of action for a few days will stress me - we only have one bath room and there are 5 of us!)
LOVING: Some peace and quite.
READING:  Still reading "the husbands secret" which I might actually get time to finish this week without falling asleep after 2 pages :)
DRINKING:  My first cup of coffee ( which has gone cold so i need a top up ) I will open a bottle of wine this evening as I don't cook on a Saturday ( we have Chinese ).
ANTICIPATING:  Definitely ATDML retreat - I need to get my stash sorted and packed.
LISTENING TO: My play list on iTunes ( especially when hubby is watching sport on TV )
WATCHING:  Hemlock Grove/ the walking dead? the black list is back on Friday
PLANNING:  To tidy and clean - ha ha its never ending. Hubby wants to go out on Sunday so looking for somewhere nice to go.
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Spring - I know autumn is pretty but there are too many bugs at school and they can't seem to get the heating right - I hate dark days So definitely Spring .
CREATING: A page or two in my art journal - all new to me so enjoying new products and new ways to use old ones. Tags, Christmas cards ( 100's to do) and mini calenders for work mates( the list gets longer each year!)
NEED TO FINISH:  This post and get on with it all ;)
WISHING:  Definitely for warm sunny days and that we all get though the Winter bug free.

If you would like to join in - pop over to Annie's blog for all the details. Have a great week.

Love soojay xx


Annie said...

Hi Sue. Thanks for joining in the fun's never too late. I smiled at your's good to find out a little more about you. Also I'm typing this on my new birthday present from my hubby and that's really making me smile �� it's a new mini iPad and I love it. Really hope you have a great week and your new bathroom is fitted without too much hassle.
Annie x

Lynn Holland said...

I need a lie down now after reading about all your activities haha
Hope you have a good half term
Lynn x

Angela Radford said...

Hi Sue, I thought I'd joined your followers but just realised I hadn't so now I have! I remember that holiday feeling so well. This first term seems so long and the half term break too short but I'm sure you will make the most of it.
Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x

JoZart Quilts said...

It's great to nosey into what other people are doing and thanks for the insight into your time.
Aren't we all so busy, busy, busy? Better than being bored!
Jo x

Lisca Meijer said...

It's great to get a little glimpse into your life. Thanks for sharing that. What is an ADTL (I missed a few letters) retreat? You talk about stas so it must be something crafty! Tell us all about it (plus lots of photos pretty please!)
Have a great half term week,
Thanks for visiting,

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Sue,

How long is your break at school? Here the schools have a two week break at Christmas but I'm not sure about the rest of the year. Like Lisca, I'm wondering what the retreat is?

I'm finally getting around to Friday Smiles and it's a nice way to start the week!


CraftygasheadZo said...

Fab post, love reading your answer! Am late getting round, but what a great way to start the week! Take care Zo xx

Max Morgan-Lucas said...

The heating has never been a problem!