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Thursday, June 29, 2006

A bowl of spagetti

Thats what my head feels like this evening LOL....
Went to a FAB conference today and (those of you who know me well, will be suprised to hear) I DIDN'T get lost!! Which was just as well as it was quiet tight getting there in time. The conference was on ADHD and really was very informative with some brilliant speakers. Fortunately the organisers are sending us all the notes on the presentations, which will read much better than my notes!
My poor dad was taken off to hospital yesterday ( he didn't have much notice) as his knee is infected and he still has MRSA. I was worried as he was Nil by mouth and i thought that it meant they were going to remove his knee. He had the other removed just after Christmas when it wouldn't heal after his amputation. BUT ..good news they x-rayed and are happy and sent him home today. He is over the moon, so am i :)
Really want to do some scrapping tonight but i think i will watch the last HOUSE and then pop off to bed.

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