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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This week is going too fast

I can't keep up ! Why do school try to do so much in the last few weeks of term? I am trying to keep up with four different school activities as well as preparing for Playscheme and my own "stuff"
I can understand why teachers look forward to the summer hols so much. I nearly fell asleep in sience to day!!! Had to get up and walk about while the teacher was explaining an experiment.
Awful day on Saturday :( Meg was invited to a party the other side of Ipswich, so Derek took her and a friend. He had only been gone for half an hour when he rang to say that the breaks ( on MY car) had failed and he had managed to pull over. Could I phone my insurance company for someone to come out? I was put on hold for 90mins!!!
I would just like to thank my friend Anso who was online with me though out this and helped to keep me sane (ish). Eventually I put the phone down though tears and phoned another number. It got sorted out but Derek had to wait for over three hours. A police woman picked up Megan ( who needed to eat ) and her friend and took them to the party. Got my car back from the garage yesterday ( £73 :()
I have since written a letter of complaint to my insurance company and a letter of thanks to Suffolk police force.
Sunday was better even though we went out LOL.
I now have three dares to catch up on and my Looovely scrapagogo kit to do ....Ohh and the five Christmas cards for playscheme to sort out before Friday so we can order supplies. Also been asked to help with thr headmasters leaving presant.
Just got back from Megans school's musical evening ( at the local church). So not getting much done tonight.
Here are my speed scrap Lo's.Done last week:

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Mel said...

Oh dear Sue - thats terrible for the insurance company to do that to you. It's so nice to hear that the police were helpful when you really needed them though. Love your two layouts, the purple and green is a gorgeous combination. Mel x