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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Still raining :(

I have even put the heating on as i am soo cold! The children are confined to the the house AGAIN and are driving me bannanas, I have no idea how Dex manages to sleep through their fighting and screaming. They have played games and watched TV but theres only so much they can do.I have just printed out some colouring pages for them. I said there was a prize for the quietest one LOL.
We have a nest in our back garden in the hedge, unfortunately a cat pulled it down and one of the four babies was killed. Dex rescued the nest and we managed to get it back. I must admit that i didn't think the parents would come back as the nest had been touched and moved but, they have :) There are only two babies left now but Dex says they are quiet healthy looking and should be able to fly soon awww.
Anyway i think you can just see a few feathers if youy look real close..willtry to get a better photo when( and IF ) it stops raining!


Paula Sealey said...

It's so hard trying to keep the children occupied during half term isn't it, especially when the weather's so naff! Hope the colouring comp. worked, lol!

Cath said...

Kids! I can imagine the holidays with more than one child is a nightmare. Hope you're surviving sweetie!