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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Nice idea!

But nice ideas don't work with THIS family!! We (stupidly) thought it might be nice to go to the seaside for tea. Just fish and chips at the seaside..not too difficult , you would think! HA! Nooooooooooo First we leave about 5pm, you have to remember here that Meg is diabetic, anyway it is 6pm when we get to Alburgh. There are two chip shops, but , both have an enormouse queue. We park up and walk along the beach ( this is where the OCD, and autism kick in LOL) Both Dan and Nats asked about a hundred times if we were going to miss Casualty..each time i said yes :)..sigh. Nats is also breathing obsenities(sp??) in my ear , she can't cope with change and tells me its because she can't cope with crowds ..there are no crowds! Anyway joy of joys , we reach the long queue and i realise i left my purse in the car !! Well Nats calls me a stupid bloody woman at the top of her voice, once again everyone is cross with me :P
We get to the car somehow ( kids are all squabling loudly all the way)
Meg will need to eat soon.
We drive to Ipswich ( 25 miles away) to KFC loooooooovely :( Meg was fine BTW blood sugars ok when we got there . Not sure about mine and Dex though LOL
This morning Dex has taken Dan on a bike ride and i am off to the garden center with Nats and Meg ( notice i get the easy ones LOL!!) It really is the only way to go out ..seperate ..Nats and Meg couldn't cope with a bike ride..anyone reading this keep your fingers crossed!!!!


Paula Sealey said...

Going out can be such a trauma can't it! I hope you're having a good day todayxx

Anam said...

**hugs** some days are tougher than others.

Mel said...

Sorry your evening out didn't go to plan Sue. Hope you all enjoyed the KFC though! Mel x