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Thursday, December 21, 2006


Tree is up , even wrapped half the presants :) dinning room ready just got last min food shopping to do tonight and then the real work starts!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas ( if i don't get round to blogging till afterwards) We are going to visit dad in Hosp before lunch.

Eight years ago today I lost my very best friend , my mum. Thankfully she left me three wonderful sisters Steph, Anet and Wen ..i Love you :)


Cath said...

Big hugs sweetheart. I lost my mum on Dec 20th 1992 so know what sadness this time of year brings

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that love, I missed her so much today. xox

scrapdolly said...

Big hugs hun
My Mom was my best friend too and I lost her 16 years ago and Christmas is still raw without her

jake said...

I heard a song on the radio yesterday while I was driving - had to pull over, just reminds me of the time I lost my own darling little Mum. We never really get over it, do we?

Huge hugs to you hon, hope you have a nice Christmas
jk x x x