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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bad Mummy !

Still not put the tree up!!
I Will try to do it soon. I finish work on Tuesday , so hopefully we will be all sparkly by then.
Update on dad: He in hospital. On the main ward, so that he can have someone to talk to. He keeps getting out of his bed ( fell out twice now!!) Physically he is very strong but mentally , although better, has a way to go yet. The hospital want to transfere him to an "old people's hosp" , I do think he would be happier. It is the other side of Ipswich , which means about a 60 mile round trip for two of us and Nets 120 miles :( Still about 200 from steph.
I know he would rather be there than in the place he is over Christmas..just hope its not for too long. We do have a hospital in Eye ( it is in the process of closing down) and they still have 10 beds ( both me , little sis and mum have worked there at one time). They are only taking women so is out of the question.
Yayyy i HAVE scrapped!! Can't upload yet as it is for Scrapagogo :) Also done my Christmas stocking swap and made a few more cards. Am ready to do a challenge now. Another reason why no dec up as i would have to clear away all my scrapbook stash until after Christmas :( ....Ohh for a bigger house LOL
Hope everyone is well and looking forward to a well earned break.
back soon xx


Anonymous said...

"Am ready to do a challenge now."

For goodness sake Tudie did you really say that? xox

Annette said...

Yup, she did, but she's strange :)

Mel said...

Hope your Dad gets moved to the place where you think he will be happiest - such a shame it is such a long way from you all though :(

Glad you found time to scrap,
Have a good Christmas,
Mel xx

lyzzydee said...

I hope this gets sorted for your poor dad, its very upsetting for everyone involved speshally him.


lorraineA said...

Hope your Christmas day went well and the children all had a great time (and were good:lol:).

Hope things are getting sorted for your Dad too Sue.

See you soon,