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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Nice quiet Christmas

which is just what i wanted. We went to visit dad in the morning and were allowed to take him to the resteraunt for a hot choc. We is still not "with it" but was really pleased to see us . We took some photos with Dex phone and will try to upload them here. Off to visit again tomorrow.

The Children were really well behaved and were rewarded with some fab pressies. Meg had a DSLite and was also thrilled to get some make up and perfume. Dan had lots of Arsnel stuff and a PSP . Nats had lots of scrapbook stash and a digital camera. We also bought them a fab keyboard ( doesn't sound half as bad as i thought it would!!LOL) I now have to try to teach them to read music..meg has leassons at school and is able to play using the letters so far.

Nets , Raymond and Rose popped over on Boxing day which was lovely.

I have to say i must have put on loads of weight ..i am getting sick of chocs ( shock/horror)

Have some DT stuff to do so, must get my arse in gear!

Looking around the sales tomorrow but don't really need anything ( Dex already has a PSP , after he saw Dan's..boys!!) So i guess we will be looking at games!


lorraineA said...

Yes, arse into gear Sue:lol:

Glad the children liked their presents, Kirsty has lessons in Worlingworth and loads of music sheets she can send your way!


jake said...

Lol @ the weight gain and boys toys - could be me writing that! Heehee!

Glad you had a nice family Christmas. It's good to be able to spoil everyone a bit once a year, isn't it?

happy new year to you all sweetie!
jk xx