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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rosie poopee

Came to visit us today. The "poopee" is her swear word,and she slips it into conversations and rhymes every so often. She KNOWS its naughty because she told me so. Little pickle!! She made us laugh anyway ( so sorry nets if we re enforced bad behaviour)...Its sort of essential in THIS house. A couple of photos from today and my lovely sis Nets :). She is holding the cushion up so you can't see my top secret ScrapaGoGo Lo that i am working on at the mo. ( and the mess in the scrap/dining room)


1 comment:

Mel said...

Aawww Rosie is such a gorgeous little girl and looking very grown up. (Nets is also gorgeous and grown up but Rose wins the cute prize!) Mel x