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Thursday, August 30, 2007

ScrapaGoGo's July kit

Didn't get used as much as would have liked. It was GORG so i got it back out yesterday. Just added some fancy pants rub ons and altered thickers ( sorry Steph you haven't a clue what i am on about do you ? LOL)

This is my niece Eva , who is sunning herself in the Dominican Republic at the mo ( lucky girl ) with the rest of the Pizzies :)

Dex and i are off out for a meal and shopping soon ..yayyyyyyyyyyy The company that supplies our carer has be "sacked" so we loose her in Oct , so we are making the most of it :(..Knew it would happen, always does.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Right, just got access back to Internet after 3 days!
The family one - no comment, how could I possibly top that x
The next one - you are just showing off ;0p I'm going to start talking about joists and programming language next time I come round.
Today's - Have a lovely evening both of you
p.s. I think you meant surf, I know you are a servant but .....
Love you BITC xox