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Friday, August 17, 2007


We said goodbye to dad. He ashes were interned with Mum in Cavell's grave. It was really sad but at least all the children were there and able to say goodbye and take notes and flowers.
I know it might seem bad taste but afterwards, before we all went our separate ways, i took some photos. We are not often all together.
The following are photos of my favourite people in the world. My Family:


Annette said...

Not bad taste at all Soo. It was an opportunity you couldn't miss. Love you xx

Anonymous said...

Wierd how we all have the same friends eh? Miss you all BITC xox

Nicki said...

Hiya hunny. Glad that you gave your Dad a good send off.
love the photos of Lands end, we had to go there when Lucas found out they had the Doctor Who exhib.
See you at Wyv next weekend?

Jen said...

I think it's lovely, Soo. BTW I also think your holiday pics are divine - I've never been to Cornwall but I live Brittany, and it's very similar. Had to LOL at the crocs pic...