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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Early post

I have the whole day in front of me ( well almost..i am aware that it is now just after 10)
Dropped Dex and Dan off at the station about an hour ago and my lazy girls are still asleep in bed. .................sigh.
I really should, tidy . sort , do washing, cook something scrumptious for tea.................BUT this time next week i shall be back at work...I LOVE it but it leaves very little time to do things i want , like blog, serf , scrap and read.
I have read three books this hol :) Two made me cry and the other was Harry Potter. Can't remember the last time i read and i love reading.
Anyway, back to today, i suppose it will be a mixture of pottering about and scrapping.
I have decided to hire a skip at the weekend ..we have SO much clutter ( apart from lots of weeds in the garden!).
Right , I'll go put some washing in the machine.............

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