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Monday, September 03, 2007


Well MY children are ready to go back to school! Or rather I am ready to wave them off. Meg and Dan were grounded ( what a silly idea...keep them in all day with us!!) today AND tomorrow. Megs screams have reached new heights, its amazing , i can go from being reasonably calm and sane , to wanting to strangle her as soon as she screams.

Dan's new school trousers arrived late this afternoon, but as i measured his waist and he wears them on his hips, they are miles too tight. So, i traipse off to Tesco's to the men's dept. Perfect size 32 waist, 33L but in Navy blue :( ..Had to get 34 w and of course he will have to have a belt....................................sigh....................He'll grow into them.

Been playing with my new Magnolia stamps and have lots stamped and painted ready to assemble. Here's one i did this morning.

If you love Magnolia stamps, you have to visit these blogs: Cards by boop awsome! and Andrea really beautiful cards. And of course, the stamps: Magnolia stamps .

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