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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How it possible to be this tired and still be awake? LOL I have so much to do and loads of other stuff i WANT to do but, don't seem to be capable of much. I need to start going to bed earlier...isn't it a joy getting older LOL
My legs have been swollen each evening this week, so i need to make sure that i get chance to sit down a bit more during the day. It isn't always possible in lessons, especially as i like to move around the class. I seem to be supporting in quite a few French lessons this term, so i expect my very poor French might improve.
I do love being at work..teenagers are so funny. Quite a few of the boys have grown and love that they tower over me, i am sure i am shrinking!
Looking forward to getting the scrapaGoGo DT kit for October soon and am hoping i have woken up enough at the weekend to do a bit of creating :)

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