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Sunday, September 16, 2007


Sorry about Layout of photos..BUT .....................LOOK at all this yummy stash. This is ScrapaGoGo's October Kit and even though i got to "play" yesterday, I'd quite like to stay home tomorrow and play again!

Not happy about having to leave it to cook, clean and get school stuff ready.

Dan and Dex have gone off to the wilds of Stowmarket in serach of a waste place. Our local dump has been closed for at least a month and the bin men are so fussy about what they will take. What a mess they have made of this rubbish/recycling business. I am very happy to recycle but don't have the time to travel all over the place, OR the space to store it for weeks on end!

Ohh Joy, I KNOW i am by no means alone!

Busy week next week. I hate it went the weeks is all mapped out ( with very little free time!)

Grr we can't go out for our date on Thursday, as i have a Gov meeting ( miles away!)

I shall stop moaning now LOL

Have a great week whoever is reading :)


Annette said...

You have every right honey. Love the colours in that kit :)

Scrapdragons said...

That looks so yummy!!