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Friday, December 21, 2007

3 more days

of madness and then we can relax ( lol).
Went back to work on Weds, shouldn't have but didn't want to miss out on anything. I love the women i work with, they were SO nice !!
I had been thinking of dad quite a bit recently , we always saw him at Christmas and last year spent the day in hospital with him. We saw an advert for Ferreo rocher and Dex laughed at how dad always bought me some every Christmas. Anyway, going to bed the other night i took the house phone up with me for Dex to phone me in the morn. I looked at the screen and it read"dad" ..i must have pressed the fast dial button .........then at school on weds while clearing out my locker ( i am a hoarder!!) , i found in a plastic bag, a box of ferrero rocher, no card or anything and no one would own up ( i hadn't told anyone about dads pressie either) ...COOL :)
Mum died 9 years ago this week too but its nice knowing they are still around :)
Have done most of my present and food shopping online this year. Just need to pop out for veg on Sunday.
I am still feeling under the weather and am now coughing, especially at night, so its just as well i don't need to go out and spread my germs.
Really pleased as i managed to do a LO for Jans ScrapaGoGo kit to day ..the papers are lush and i have even bought more for when i have used this lot up LOL

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Anonymous said...

Christmas is lovely but sheer madness. I bet your cooking is fab - will there be any left tomorrow?