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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

And breath........................

I feel like i have been running all day ( i was for some of it! LOL) Spent half the day running round for pupils. The other half in a meeting about our disability equality plans.
I do two days "on call" at school , which means I carry a mobile phone around with me and am called at anytime i am needed when a child we support in a wheelchair, needs the loo. There has to be two of us in there to help ..i won't go into details ! Anyway it is usually at the most inconvenient time. I went to year 9 RE this morn , only to find teacher out and no cover. So I have to take the class, its bigger than ones i have taken before and they are mostly difficult pupils LOL .... yes I had to run out, get the teacher next door to watch while I answered the call. The pupils thought it was highly amusing ( as they have no idea what i do ). Anyway the day has been like that most of the time. Ending with doing CPR my first aid training this evening LOL.
I am hoping for a quieter day tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Love you BITC :0) xox