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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Is it Sunday??

I forget what day it is when its holidays!! Dex is working as well and he doesn't normally work Sundays..its a bit surreal! My darling Children are all still zonked as the horrors won't go to bed at a decent time. Dan is now frightened of going to sleep in case he has another fit, so is trying to stay awake!
Well we survived Christmas :) We even went to Nets on Boxing day which was great and out shopping the next day ( what ever day that was!!), That was not so great! Bought Meg a new desk for her bedroom . She is very happy at the mo as she had a laptop for Christmas . Steph, myself and the cust services eventually set up a home network so that Meg and Dan can now use the Internet. Dan hasn't really bothered so far but Meg has an email addy AND of course spent most of yesterday sending me messages from her bedroom. Poor love has learning problems and i am now begging to think she might be dyslexic..very difficult to read some of her messages and even though she has all the right letters , they are muddled up :(
No plans today except dealing with a mountain of washing and maybe/HOPEFULLY scrapping :)
Spending new years Eve with little sis Andrea and family, playing games and drinking..don't even have to drive home asits walking distance yayyy.
If i am not back before....Have a wonderful NEW YEAR and i hope it brings you peace and joy :)

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lyzzydee said...

Well done sooper techno soo, Happy New year!!!