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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finally got caught

by the bugs going around and am off work for the second day. I HATE being off, i feel so guilty! I am missing our Christmas meal tonight too. Ahh well at least i should be OK again by Christmas.
Dan has his Christmas disco at school tonight so is staying for tea, Dex is picking him up at 9pm so they won't be back till at least 10.30. I had a phone call from his school this morning saying that he can stay over on a Tuesday night from Jan. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy ! He does D of E on a Tuesday so that will be great and means i won't have to drive for 2 1/2 hrs straight after work to pick him up.
No scrapping but i got my order from from Ellison yesterday and am really , really pleased with the sizzix dies i got ...would normally cost over £100 instead of £30!

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lyzzydee said...

Hope you feel better soon