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Friday, April 18, 2008

How come its Friday already?!

I am not complaining because I get to have a lay in in the morn ...It's just that this week has whizzed past!
Meg went to the diabetic clinic yesterday and her blood sugars are so much better than they were. They were really pleased with her.
I was quite cross and grumpy on Weds as our carer couldn't come but forgot to phone and let us know, she has previously arranged to get here earlier as well. So, we were sitting here starving , waiting to go out and eventually phoned and found out that she wasn't coming. She said she was very sorry but i am sure she has no idea how we rely on her for a break..ahh well hopefully things will be OK next week.
I have been asked if I would like to do some extra hours occasionally, mostly a few hours at odd weekend. This would be doing my OLD job of care taking IE booking out the sports hall and field and keeping an eye on the ever growing premises. I have told them I would do it as long as its not too often and not permanent.
Right then..Dex is about to challenge me at tennis on the Wii ..Have a good weekend :D

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