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Sunday, April 13, 2008


I really appreciate the weekends now school hols are over! Yesterday was spend doing house work and chilling. Ohh and sitting with my niece and nephew for the morning while little sis went to pick up a new car. My arm is aching this morn after playing a "few" rounds of tennis on their Wii !! I am seriously thinking of getting one now ( a Wii that is) :)

last night started making a birthday card ,,,was seriously inspired by this fabulously talented lady! I think you will see where i got the idea from. If you scroll halfway down the page, you will see her fab chipboard book. I have just made a chipboard card and had to attach the front and back with ribbon not rings , so it will stand. I usually show everything i make to Dex and he usually likes it but I am afaid he was NOT impressed with this :( ..ahh well i like it and hope the person who is getting it does too.

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Inspiration Alley said...

Love what you've created and followed the link to the source of your inspiration, which has inspired me too. Thanks. Terrie