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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

No scrapping..No photos.

But I did learn how to put graphs into an excel spread sheet and label them :D
Also had a meeting with a outreach worker for pupils with ASD (we have a few in school) and are trying to get extra help for quite a few of them. It was good to talk to her and get ideas to put into immediate use in the classroom for specific problems.
Dex has just gone off to get a new car ( not NEW, new). I am really going to miss the space cruiser as there is SO much room in it......sigh . It has been all over the place too and i LOVED it! Dex is donating it to the fire service to practice cutting people out of ( he retired from the service almost 3 yrs ago)...It is So expensive to run and so old but has been a part of our family for 10 years. I can remember when he got it, i had told him that i would not go out again in a car unless the children couldn't touch each other LOL It was perfect! The smaller children could stand up in it too ..Dan is now 6 foot though. Anyway he is getting a Sharon (sp?) thingy , which he say is just as big ..but its IS a lot cheaper to run though.

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