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Friday, September 19, 2008

Wow !

I went to the theater last night with some friends from work to see "Dorian Grey" the ballet. The dancing was amazing! I have never been to a ballet before and wasn't expecting to enjoy it so much. Obviously , you can see from the images above that it was very pleasing to the eye LOL. It was also a brilliant, very fast moving, shocking, moving story. I vaguely remember watching the film ( in black and white) when i was very young with mum one Sunday afternoon..much of the story would have "passed me by" then. If you get the chance, I can highly recommend it.

I am so glad it is Friday. This week has been so hectic, i am looking forward to a rest :)

1 comment:

jay670120 said...

oooh thought ballet was all about tutus and swans etc !!!! Looks good lol !!!