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Saturday, September 13, 2008


You can tell I am back at work. Not updating half as much as the summer. Sorry.
Thanks for you kind comments. Its over 18 years since our Beautiful Cavell died from Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. Watching your child die is THE hardest thing in the world to do and the pain never goes away. I see young men his age and wonder what would have become of him, would he be like Dex and into every sport going , he certainly loved American Football, or be like me a readaholic.
The Fab Norwich Devils old boys are reforming as I type to train and then play a match next week against the current team. I asked Dex if he wanted to train but he said he would probably break every bone in his body ! He is hoping to take Daniel to watch them next weekend though.

As you may imagine, I have no scrapping to show you what so ever. I recivec my Fab ScrapaGoGo kit for October yesterday and am busy planning Lo's etc..It takes me ages to get my ideas together and I often do a couple of trial runs to experiment with bits and pieces.

Work is good, I have loads of Tec groups to support inc. Textiles, ICT, DT and Home Ec, so i am very happy.
Off to the ballet on Thursday to see "A picture of Dorian Grey" ..I remember watching the film with mum YEARS ago. I have been told that there are naked dancers!!! I shall report back LOL.

Must say TOOT TOOT to HSBC bank. I had big problems on Thursday night when Dex and I went out for our weekly meal and shopping. I put my card in the local cash machine and it was eaten :( We had to travel to the next town to get money out of Nats account so we could go...very stressful.
When I got home , I phoned the bank ( 9.30pm)and reported the card "eaten". They cancelled it and my new one arrived this morning.....nice NOT to moan for a change.
Have a great weekend xx


Anonymous said...

Love you sis xx

Maria said...

I can't imagine the pain of losing a child and I pray that I never experience it.

Cavell will always be with you xxx