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Sunday, September 28, 2008

feeling the crunch

At first I just put it down to the horrible month last month ie.Megs BIG phone bill, our new specs and my MOT but I am finding that we just keep running out of money !! Dex is actually popping to Asda to change all the coins as I type..We usually only do this before a holiday for the children. I am cooking alot more ( which is healthier and cheaper ) Really shouting at the children when they leave stuff like the lights or TV on. The biggest amount ( apart from food) is the washing and i have a MOUNTAIN to do today.

I have had to cut right back on stash shopping too, so no more lovely little packages arriving in the post for a while...sigh. Thank goodness for scrapaGoGo ( which IS a package arriving in the post LOL! and quite a BIG package at that..I'll shut up) Ohh and i am not complaining ..I know there's LOADS worse off than us ..just a bit sad..when you are not far off 50, you sort of think that things ought to be easier as least financially.

I had a lovely time yesterday at Wyverstone Charity Crop. We played lots of daft games and I actually finished ( apart from journaling) two LO's..I am a slow scrapper and at a crop, i tend to chat much more than scrap, so i am really pleased :) ..I still did my fair share of chatting LOL.


lyzzydee said...

Soo, I know how you feel, we spent a weekend at Scratby this month and have been struggling for money ever since, Don't get paid until tomorrow and its been a really hard couple of weeks. Had to put only £10 of petrol in the car as we didn't have much more. I am also doing the lights out and standby off routine. Its horrible.

suebaru said...

Know how you feel on the money front...keep cutting back but the money doesn't go any further!And like you say, you do less washes and end up with a huge great pile!!