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Thursday, September 04, 2008

ohhh Dear!

The shoes gave her a blister so she has to wear old ones today .
They seem to have got on OK although Dan just grunts most of the time now.
My timetable was changed three times yesterday alone!! We are still a little short staffed ATM in our dept so things will change quite a bit over the next few weeks. I was a little concerned that i wasn't down to support in any Tec groups..I shall get withdrawal symptoms if I don't have a saw in my hand at least once a week! LOL The pupil i support the most is yr 10 now and doing business studies..that will be interesting :) Ohh and i am down to support in art which will be great :)
Yesterday we just had year 7 and 13 in so it was mostly meetings etc ..Looking forward to the first proper day back.

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jakey said...

Oooh.. supporting in art has got to be fun - I LOVE doing crafty stuff with my oldies :-) Last week we made peg dolls... they made these as kids... and another day we painted lil ceramic masks... great fun! (for me at least) hee hee!

jk xx