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Friday, November 07, 2008

Yayyyyyy Friday

Its been a stressful week :) I am trying hard to curb Dan's dreadful swearing ( He is 15 and has ADHD, ASD, OCD, Tourettes and Learning difficulties and i know all that doesn't help) We are starting with two words I'd like him NOT to use and if he can managed four clear days out of the week, he can go to youth club ( where they probably swear like troopers!) on Tuesday. He hasn't managed one day so far :( ( we are on track for today though so it COULD be possible)
Hardly ANY scrapping this week but i have started to make an Advent baking tray :) pics yet. I am also blatantly copying Marlene's STUNNINGLY beautiful Christmas card is my fav one so far :)
The year 10 and 11's are starting to stress about end of term tests and mock exams in a few weeks. Also loads of coursework to get in on time. I had to calm one poor yr 10 boy down today
:( Yesterday we the first lot of the injections for the yr8 girls ( for cervical cancer) ..loads of panic, tears and stress. They all seem fine today though thank goodness.
My car is playing up again LOL ..Its a joke!! The central locking alarm keeps going off as my car ( a Ford) does NOT like the cold and damp! ( neither do i!!). Its been to the garage last week and the guy thought he'd fixed it...guess what ..he hasn't. It does SEEM to be behaving ATM ( must be coz i said I'd get its wires cut! ;))

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Maria said...

Good luck with Dan and the swearing. I guess there are worse things he could be doing as a teenager ;)

Exam stress ...... Yuck!!!

Cars are a pain in the bahooney.

Happy Saturday xxx