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Sunday, November 02, 2008

ohhhhh No!

I am at the end of my half term Hol :( I don't want to go to work tomorrow..usually I do am I am ready..Must be the cold, dark days. Had a busy day tidying and washing ( all boring stuff).
I have decided to make a journal for December similar to the one I made for July. Its such a busy month that it would be a shame not to keep a journal ..I can't commit to a big Christmas book but this should be okay. So far, i have covered the front of the journal ( in tomatoe red velvet :))
I also quite like the idea of the baking tray avent calenders Andrea, Yizz and Karen have made some fab ones. Dex picked me up a couple of trays from Asda for 89p ( he was a bit upset when he found out that I wouldn't be making biscuits on them ! LOL


Anonymous said...

Hope all the children are well behaved and feeling studious tomorrow.

Don't blame you for not wanting to be up and out in this weather.

Happy Sunday xxx

Maria said...

Whoops ...... That was me!!!