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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday and counting

The days to the weekend. I can not remember feeling so tired before!..I Really need an early night! School has been very busy even during break and lunchtimes. We have been doing the yr 11 mock exams all this week so that hasn't helped. I really ought to do my Materials GCSE LOL, I found all the questions ( i was a reader) really easy.
I have been using my Dec ScrapaGoGo kit this week and still have mountains left. Need to make some Christmas cards at the weekend though.
Sorry its boring .


lyzzydee said...

My week seems to be a long one and I have a birthday party for Beth, just taking kids out to dinner on Saurday can't wait

Maria said...

Hope you manage to recharge your batteries on the weekend.

Happy Friday xxx

Anonymous said...

Didja get stuff done on Sat or was it just chilling and enjoying? xoxoxoxox