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Sunday, January 11, 2009

I have finally started

On my kitchen!! We have lived here for YEARS and i have not decorated the kitchen ...what a slut! In my defence, the whole house desperately needed decorating when we first moved in. The walls were all a mess and garishly decorated. The kitchen is very small ( especially as there are five of us) and full to the brim of "stuff". So i am decorating in stages, so we can still use it and as i have to stop to go to work. The far wall needed re plastering but i have used this stuff from polycell that you smooth over and then sand..WHAT A MESS!! LOL anyway that bit is done and the cooker area..New cooker arriving tomorrow ( hopefully). I will do above the units and around the door tomorrow and that just leaves behind the fridge. BTW its Lemon tropics Colour (Above). I need to get something to hand from the ceiling for my pans to try and save as much space as possible. Then i am done.
I have done no scrapping this weekend :( AND i have the GORG scrapaGoGo kit for Feb to play with.....My last one with ScrapaGoGo. I have been with them for three years now and its time for me to say goodbye.
Yr 10 and 11 GCSE's tomorrow morning we go again! So an early night.


Anonymous said...

:0) BITC xoxox

lyzzydee said...

Kitchens are terrible to do, Luckily the last time we painted Carl did it and made a fine job of it as well!!

Maria said...

I hate doing kitchens but I do like that colour.

Happy Wednesday xxx