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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not a WONDEFUL week so far

Not dreadful though ..just frustrating! Cooker is NOT coming till 5th Feb !! That'll teach me to actually get ahead of myself! We have a microwave and i bought a deep fat fryer ( not keen on it i have to say ) We also have a small George Foreman grill but I am one of those people who like to SEE food cooking and stir..So i bought a portable induction hob and was going to make pasta on it tonight ...except i cannot get it to heat up....not sure what i am doing wrong..have read the manual over and over ..looks like i will have to send it back or get it replaced Grrr The joke is that i paid extra for a speedy delivery..typical.
In other news, Dex went to Wales to visit his mum who is 90 in March on Weds and is on his way back tonight.....trip cut short due to other family members being a pain...don't you LOVE families. Mine are FAB BTW ( as are MOST of Dex's!)
So a "bitty" week with not a lot done definitely no scrapping :(


jakey said...

Blody hell girl.. don't say that F word in front of me... Family, that is! Some of mine's ok... and I love them to bits... the rest? Pah! Sorry you're havin a crap week - me too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my lovely woman xoxooxoxoxx