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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Mixed day

Do you ever get the feeling that someone is trying to tell you something ? LOL

Dan hardly slept all night ( back to school today) so was up really early. His taxi normally picks him up at 7.15am but it was a new driver and they got lost so were an hour late!
Dex and i went shopping and was going to get me an I phone on PAYG but too many bills needed to be paid and i thought that £350 + was just a little steep today. On the way to Norwich, there were really bad traffic delays due to a burst pipe. It took us an hour and a half to travel 3 miles!
We bought Meg some new trainers but one is too tight! That means she is now a size 6 ! I managed to buy some stuff for my kitchen walls to cover the bad paint work but am too tired to start tonight. Dex and I went to Captain America's for lunch..last time we went there, we had a phone call from Dan's primary school telling us to pick him up straight Dex felt too hot and had to go wait outside while i finished my lunch. Nothing exciting in the sales either.
Nats was happy as i brought her some scrapping stash from Jerrold's.
We are both shattered so are having Chinese for tea. I promise to cook more and eat healthier when the new cooker comes ( hopefully next week).
I made a baby card for my niece( above) using hug wear and magnolia stamp ( from a swap last year). Sorry light is bad in here ATM.


lyzzydee said...

Lovely Card!! You are swaying me towards the Hug wear!!!

Wendy said...

Love your card! Where can I purchase the Hug wear stamps?