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Saturday, June 20, 2009

It was a busy week

So no photos ........yet. I do have a lo that is almost done and just needs sticking down, so will hopefully get that done today :)
We are still really broke atm ( having spent well over £1000 on both our cars recently!) So i need to MAKE something for Dex from the kids tomorrow.
I have finished supporting in the Exams for now, there are still a few for the 6th formers though. Its really strange at school now that the yr 11 have left , i really liked this lot! Still, a few have added me as friends on face book so i will be able to keep in touch :)
We had a power cut on Monday night right in the middle of cooking tea :( It lasted for about 4 and a half hours, so after getting fed up of playing games and reading, we all had an early night. Why is it that you always desperately want a cup of coffee when there's no power? Thankfully my sis (who lives down the road from me and had no power cut) brought me a flask :)
Still sticking ( mostly- elec supply allowing) to the weekly menu. It seems to be working well , i am not throwing so much food away and we are definitely eating healthier.
Right that's about it for now .Will be back later with photos :)

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