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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Time to get organised!

Decided to try and organise myself a little better. Starting with food and have typed up a menu for the whole week. Dex and I spend too much time trying to think of what to have for tea and I thought it would also make life so much easier even allowing more time to do some more homemade stuff. I am trying to be healthier and more economical with the food we have. I am so fed up with throwing stuff away that I WAS going to use but has gone out of date. Dex can also look at the menu to see if he can prepare stuff before I get home or see what shopping we need (as he does this alone now we have no carer) Will let you know how weel it works LOL
Tonight I made a swiss rool with fresh cream and strawberries, Dan ate it and I thought he didn't like strawberries!!!

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