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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another one Bites The Dust!

The week end that is...they just fly by! I stayed at little sis's house last night for a girls night in with cocktails. Rosie stayed too and we spent some time together this morning while the rest of the house slept. She was trying to climb up the wall for this photo and the grin is because she was almost as tall as me.

Last night, Nets and Andrea preparing ( read tasting ) the food.

They finally got up this morning. Andrea and her oldest Becca.

Some of Megan's art work from half term. She wouldn't use a photo of herself ( my idea) for the centre and chose Rosie instead.

One of my pages from the 52 in 12 challenge ...I think this is No. 5. I still have three more to do to catch up.
I managed to bake this weekend.. left over pineapple , made coconut and pineapple muffins and an offer on in Tesco, meant i could also do the white choc and raspberry ones too...not enough left to photograph. I WILL photograph Dan with no hair but he keeps disappearing when i remember and the last time i tried, he just kept pulling faces! BOYS!


Cath x said...

Some fabulous pictures! Love Megans artwork and wow, how big is Rosie!!

Scrapdolly said...

I love that you are all so close as a family

Muckyfingers said...

Lovely photos, we should maake that a regular event :)
Love Meg's artwork, it's really beautiful.
Love you loads, miss you too xoxox