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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Catching up during half term

My No 4 Layout about music from Karens 52 in 12 challenge. I LOVE Darren Hayes ( as most People already know..sorry) These "Affirmation" Lyrics are definitely some of my fav. I really have too many songs that I love and often use lyrics in Layouts.

My little sis bought me an iTunes voucher for my recent 50th birthday , so i thought it would be great to add it to the layout.

The card I made for Valentines for Derek.

Little sis had a Birthday this week ..this is the card I made for her. I haven't even seen her to give it to her yet!! :(

Yessssssss! its half term! I can't believe that I have been at my new post at work for 6 weeks!! I have learned SO much including how to use and make my own spreadsheets :) :) We were Ofseded last week and the school got outstanding which is great. I was very lucky in that I didn't have to see anyone. ( last time ,even though i am not a teacher , my social skills lesson was observed ).
I shall be having a lazy week as I am getting over a head cold slowly.
Natalie has gone away with "Girls group" to Butlins for a long weekend and is due back sometime tomorrow. Its always a little more peaceful when there is one less about, less of them to fight!
I am going to catch up with my 52 in 12 layouts and need to do the three family themed ones this week. I have no doubt that I will get it done, as I have little else planned.
Derek is off for two days and is taking Megan for her diabetic clinic appointment ( thank you!) and I think they are off to the cinema afterwards. He did say the Dan could go too but would actually need to get up BEFORE it is doubtful. He also needs to sort out his car and I have to phone my insurance company to find out WHEN i am getting a new boot door -as i STILL have a big dent in it!!!!
I woke to chocs and a card from Derek and we had a lovely quite breakfast of bacon, pancakes and egg ( i managed to do his in the shape of a heart...would have photographed it but he ate it too quickly.
Watched "The Ugly Truth " last night ..i saw it with little sis in the Summer and thought it was brill then. Watch it if you can.
Right better catch up then..i also have a few more Birthday cards to make ( and a cake it is Derek's next week too!)


Paula said...

I love the fact you used the ITunes voucher on your layout Sue. How great will it be to look back on that in the years to come. Who knows what we'll be using in 5 or 10 years time!!

Scrapdolly said...

I love the page but am in total awe of your cards

They are fabulous