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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Derek

This an old Layout ...can't remember the challege cept it was called "Scrap your Man" and that tickled me coz i do sometimes think about scrapping him ;)

Although he doesn't read this> I am VERY grateful to him today as he is at this moment driving Megan to the diabetic Clinic in Ipswich for her check up. She is one of the hardest people iIknow to get up in the morning and it has been a real battle this morning. I am so relieved they have gone ! LOL .Having three children with lots of mental health/medical problems means that there are LOADS of appointments to attend as well as all the usual ( we all wear specs too). When I worked in the evenings as a school caretaker (about 6 yrs ago), I used to do all the appointments but thankfully now we share a few of them. Anyway Megan is much more likely to get a treat from Derek than from me. I think she wants to see "Valentines day" at the cinema afterwards and I know they will go for a meal first ...Poor Derek! ;)

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Cath x said...

I'm the one who does all the appointments in this house with DH being at work. I feel for you guys having appointments for 3!! Kudos!