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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Couple of Colourful cards

Years ago I bought one of those scrapbook kits in a box with thousands of bits from QVC. I put the little squares of paper away as i didn't know what to do with them. I found them while having a tidy yesterday and thought I would use them on a card or two. I still have a few hundred left so may well be putting them on the odd layout as well.

The flower is from some daisy d punch outs..again bought years ago.

Middle of the flower was a bargain from Jackie's shop in her closing down sale.

I have made more than this but with family Birthdays coming up , can't show them yet :)
I am enjoying half term so far, just pottering about. Kids are getting up reasonably late so that's nice ;). I think we have a visit tomorrow from Nets and Rosie, MIGHT bake some muffins :).
Looking forward to Thursday when Derek is taking Megan to diabetic clinic and then to cinema...loooovely peaceful day :) :)
Right I can smell bacon cooking to go in some ciabatta for my lunch :)

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Anonymous said...

Which one is mine then? ;0) Can I have a cake now, I have been working since 8:30 and won't finish til 2am, hunggggggggggry BITC xoxoxox