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Monday, September 06, 2010

Back to school

And my feet hurt!
A manic morning with all of us getting up and ready - ohh and we only have one loo at the mo. The Bathroom one started to leak so is being replaced on Weds and can't be used till then. Slightly better for he rest of the week as there will only be three of us at a time.
Derek and I have managed to carry on with our daily walks after tea even if it is just to walk into town and back.
My car has gone in for repairs FINALLY - its been eight months since it was damaged! Hope it doesn't take too long. Derek's is going in on Weds for a new (expensive) clutch.
Dan seems to like college although he went to his room and i have hardly seen him tonight. He did say he was chatting to someone and got told off for being late to a lesson.
Meg is just happy that she only has one PE lesson a week now but has loads of food tech and art - all she is really worried about is how she looks and what boys are in her class!
I think i may need an early night if i am to last the week. When's half term?? ;)

Love Soojay xx

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