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Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Today is the first day of a challenge a group of friends and I have set ourselves SOFA or September's Operation Fat Arse.
I want to be healthier and hopefully slimmer. So for September healthier eating and at least 20 mins exercise a day. Only on day one so it has been relatively easy.
I took Dan to College this afternoon to pay for his overalls and boots/shoes. He is doing a pre foundation course that will include cooking, gardening, animal studies and construction. He needed lots of different clothing! The guy sorting the overalls seemed surprised that we came from Eye but it is only 15 miles compared to the 35 miles he used to travel to school!
I am back to work tomorrow - training and catching up on stuff- typical that the sun seems to have remembered to shine!
Ohh and you didn't pray hard enough for Derek's car- £900 next week for a new clutch. While i am quite happy not being mega rich, it WOULD be nice to occasionally NOT have to spend my whole months wages on appliances or cars that have broken! ....sigh. Soon be payday again :D

Love Soojay xxx

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