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Monday, September 27, 2010

Great Weekend

On Saturday Meg asked me to take some photos of her in a dress!! I didn't need to be asked twice!! She hardly ever wears a dress. They wanted them for her face book profile anmd made them all black and white.

I can remember when we first got colour film for cameras so always use colour and then play about after. Black and white is new to Meg and I think she thinks it's "Arty" LOL!

I have already used one for a layout :)
On Sunday went to Alexander Palace with Nets and Sarah by coach for the day. Took a little while to get there. It was very busy and in the afternoon VERY hot but it was all worth it :)
Spent too much!! Bought lots of Lily of the Valley Stamps, some crafty individual stamps and some Darcey's stamps .....i LOVE stamps. Also some punches and dies, paper ( only a few sheets) ,card blanks,LOTS of DST and some teeny tiny pearls.
I was so tired when I got home, I went to bed at 9pm.
And back to work today.

Love Soojay xx

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