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Friday, September 24, 2010


Went on a drugs course head is spinning. (because of the amount of info - NOT drugs LOL!)I was hoping to get contacts and information on how to get help for pupils but it wasn't that sort of course. It was VERY good..the guy running it was very dynamic and funny. It was originally a two day course but because of budget cuts - was crammed into one day. One of the great things was it was just 4 miles down the road from me :)
Another busy week at work.
At home Both Dan and Meg have been ill with head colds- both feeling better after a couple of days rest though.
I finished my Nick Sparks book ( brill as always- and i sobbed - as always!)
Looking forward to ATDML retreat - only a month and a bit away now. And off to Ally Pally on Sunday for the day :D
I thinks thats all my news for now.

Love soojay xx

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Cath x said...

Hope everyone is feeling much better now! xx