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Monday, January 03, 2011

Busy Busy

So far today i have: printed off this weeks menu and shopping list. Also a list of weekly jobs for my dear children ( i live in hope!)
Assembled one of Derek's Christmas presents - a bird table - it needs weather proofing before i put it outside - probably tomorrow.
Made some more mini calenders ( you need to check out my other blog -paper,ink and glue to see)
Washing, hovering cooking etc ( roast for tea tonight )
Then I cut and colored Meg's hair. This time I used two boxes of dye. Her hair is so thick !! Its handy having an ex hairdresser for a mum sometimes. Result! she didn't cry this time- seems quite happy with it. It IS what she asked for :)

On the phone- as always!! Its either that or MY iPhone or the laptop on Face Book.

Dan is back at college tomorrow- it will so strange for him to go to bed early (before midnight!)
The rest of us are back on Wednesday. Megan's last bit of school ...eeeeekkk! MUST get her organised for college in September !!!
I am looking forward to going back to work. Its hard to believe its been a year - sometimes if seems like so much longer.

I don't do resolutions so you won't see a long list of impossible tasks for me to achieve :D
I WILL try, as always to be more organised, get more done etc etc.
Also, in these uncertain times, try to make myself indispensable at work and attend as many training courses as possible.
I will most certainly try to have more time for me, do more things I like and have FUN ( now if there was just an extra day in the week!!)

Love Soojay xx

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