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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cooking,catch up and My birthday

Been ( and still am baking today ) Sausage rolls for packing up this week. I used some puff pastry, although I do prefer shortcrust more as its less greasy. We also have a sausage Plait in the oven for tomorrows tea.

Made a big batch of raspberry and white choc muffins, as 12 seems to disappear too fast!

I went to a "pampered Chef" party the other night and picked up some lovely recipes to try at home. I LOVED their products although most were a little out of my price range and i don't have room for storage in my postage stamp sized kitchen. I DID buy a mini muffin tin - will let you know how i get on with it when it arrives.

Last of my first aid refresher course this Wednesday :)

Not had very much time to do any crafting/scrap booking recently. I have made a couple of cards (they will appear on my other blog later today).

Dreaded birthday :) bad enough last year to reach 50 i get to tick the box OVER 50 !! Ohh joy . I was working and it was a very busy day but, my fab little sis came round so that Hubby could take me out to tea :)
He went overboard with gifts:
He actually brought these to work - I was in the middle of an Eco meeting in the home ec room. He managed to find a couple of teachers to pop in as well and they all sang to me (including all the pupils- they took great joy in watching me turn bright red)

I asked for Bruno Mars CD - and he got it - I can highly recommend it :)

He also got me some of the above from Lush along with a coconut hair soap bar ..It smells heavenly ( if y0u like coconut;) )
I also got a tub of the nutty Ben and jerry's ice cream ( i have already eaten some of it )

He ALSO got me this for work :) :) i was definitely spoiled !! As you already know, i spoiled myself a couple of weeks ago with the clothes and boots above.

I had loads of cards and gifts from friends and family too .........maybe its not s bad being so old :)
Off to cook a roast now xxx

Love Soojay xx

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