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Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Upate

 As its been so long! End of term is always manic at school. As well as behaviour/pastoral care , i also co ordinate all the Eco projects in the school and look after ( badly) the Eco blog. here is one of our year 10 (11 soon!) pupils filling up the new pond in the wildlife garden. We also have a bigger pond project under way in another part of the school. This little pond will also have a waterfall when it is finished.

 I took a few photos for the school blog of some of the flowers and plants in the garden.
There were lots of people leaving this year for various reasons. Unfortunately there were also redundancies.
One of my favourite teachers left this year and we took her out for a "goodbye" meal at the local pub.

 I went to two proms ( and danced the night away at both !) The photo above is of some of the year 13 students. Their prom was at the FAB Caister hall Hotel in Norwich.

 It was our Sports day and MOST of it was sunny ( chucked it down in the afternoon). i managed to get out to see the beginning( I missed it last year). We had cheerleaders ( my niece is the one on the far left with black plimsolls ) and an opening ceremony with mascots, flags and dancers....not like sports day used to be!! It looked SO much more fun and there was something for EVERYONE to do.

The year 11 prom seemed like Ages ago now! 
Quite a few of the pupils are coming back for sixth form next year which is nice.

In other news, day four of my holiday, I have definitely caught up on sleep :D . Managed to catch up with most of the laundry, hired a skip for sorting out the VERY overgrown ( mostly stinging nettles) garden. 
Have got everything (except new carpet- still need to do that) for redecorating Megs room next week.
Am slowly getting though all paperwork for College (Meg and Dan ) trips away (Nats) and normal boring stuff. I have been making loads of cards ( see other Blog)
Ohh off to see Harry Potter with a friend from work this afternoon and running a small craft class tomorrow afternoon for another friend and her children.
Derek and Dan are off to Wales for a few days on Sunday , So I shall get stuck into decorating (and enjoy a little quite;))

Love Soojay xx

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