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Friday, July 29, 2011

Harry potter 3D - WOW!

I Did not want to see it in 3D, I remember those glasses we got in comics when I was MUCH younger, I could never get on with them. You know the cardboard ones with one green and one red lens?
Being short sighted and wearing glasses anyway, I just couldn't see with them properly. I also could never see those "Magic " pictures that people raged about in the early 90's.  

Anyway , when we arrived at the cinema yesterday we managed to catch a slightly earlier showing than we had arranged ( cost a fortune, but I don't go that often so didn't think that much , except I am glad I don't get many chances as I can't afford it!). When we went though to hand in the tickets we were given flipping great big specs to wear. Wow. Wow. I loved it and now need a 3D TV!! The big specs are also quite good for hiding the odd tear too ;)

Love Soojay xxx

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