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Saturday, August 11, 2012


 I have even updated stuff on his PC. He needs a new chair but funds have dried up for the mo.
Hopefully he will like it, its lighter and has a tiny bit more space ( it is a VERY small room)

The windows have been open all week ( he never opens the windows or curtains !!) 

I would love to chuck this in the skip! I would like to get some cube storage with pull out boxes for this t shirts and shorts etc. Dan never throws anything away as part of his OCD he loves to collect stuff - i am in trouble for chucking away a few soft toy dogs that were under his bed but i have been really good and kept most things and even tidied them up a bit - i am sure he will get things the way he wants when he gets home late tomorrow.

The girls - waiting for our Chinese to be delivered. 

I need to do the bathroom and kitchen now!!

Love Soojay xxx

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