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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Height of Summer

 I am far too short! But ......I am taller than my sisters (just!) 
I am about 5 foot -maybe - I think i am shrinking. 
The pic above is of me , a year 11 pupil ( of normal height) and my boss.

This is a photo of me , my beautiful niece, her mum , my sister is only 4 foot 10! She is wearing impossible heels but is still taller than me. My hubby is standing next to her- he is very useful in Tesco :0 I even loan him out ( to other little old ladies) to reach stuff on the top shelf.
I will try to get a photo of myself;f with Dan (our son) and hubby - that ought to prove comical.
Even though I am very short, i refuse to be intimidated by taller people - they DO try at school, but they don't get very far ;) I usually tell them that i am twice as tall as they are in my mind :)

This post was inspired by reading some of my friends posts  who are taking part in the height of Summer Challenge HERE

Till next time .

Love soojay xxx

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Julie Kirk said...

Hi Sue - thanks for joining in!

I think your husband needs a 'Very useful in Tesco' t-shirt ... or else put it on his CV! And Ilove your response to the tall folk!

I've added you to the board now:

Thanks again.

Julie :-)